House of Belonging


I’ve been a fan of Tiffini from the House of Belonging for awhile now. Her custom signs are a perfect blend of modern typography with vintage appeal. Each is constructed entirely of wood, and hand painted in your choice of colors. When I saw the new signs she and Aedriel Moxley partnered on, I knew it was only a matter of time …

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Before and After

Remember I mentioned in my last post something about having an ongoing project that brought me to tears… well, I finally finished with it, and I wanted to share. I bought this piece a few weekends ago and had grandiose plans of all the “improvements” I could make to it to make it my own….

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Front Room Updates

I feel like my home is (or maybe I am) going through a bit of an identity crisis. My style preferences are all over the map these days and each time I feel like I make a purchase to lean in one direction it throws my home home off balance and I end up disliking…

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Dining Room Updates

It’s been awhile since I’ve made any major updates to our home. Time, money and a toddler always seem to get in the way of my “to-do” list (which is miles long, by the way). I typically stay away from Pinterest, catalogs and my favorite shops when I know it’ll just make me want to…

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Catching Up

Just stopping in to catch up for a quick moment. Finn is napping (in big boy undies!) and I’m finishing up a design project. Things have been pretty ordinary around these parts. Potty training is about the most exciting thing happening over here, and I am deliriously happy to report that Finn finally gets it! We are…

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