Before and After


Remember I mentioned in my last post something about having an ongoing project that brought me to tears… well, I finally finished with it, and I wanted to share. I bought this piece a few weekends ago and had grandiose plans of all the “improvements” I could make to it to make it my own. I don’t know what I was thinking as furniture make-overs have never been (and probably never will be) my thing.

When I got it home, I discovered that it was sort of haphazardly thrown together (I think maybe some of the wood was not in great shape, and the prior owner used whatever scrap they had to replace the bad wood). Both 2×4’s came off the front – the one at the top and the one at the bottom, as well as the two side walls as they all were very rough to the touch, full of knots and splinters and just awful looking. I also removed the chopped up 2×6’s that served as feet for the piece, and replaced them with felt pads to protect my floors.

I bought some new wood and 2×6’s and cut them down to size to add the sides back and also added the bottom trim which I continued around the sides of the piece for a more finished appearance. (This is where the tears came in – as I could NOT get it right without Josh’s help – he was traveling and I was sick, and working on the thing was making me nuts. I finally decided to wait for him to get home and then he begrudgingly helped me finish it).


I painted the whole thing in Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in “Grain Sack”, which is a grayish white, and roughed up the drawer edges with fine grit sandpaper to keep some character in tact. I added the vintage enamel number tags just for fun.

Originally I wanted to add a planked wood top, but I sort of like the “dry-sink” look it has going on now that it’s painted.



It’s certainly not perfect, but at least it’s an improvement on how it looked and felt to begin with… and I’m sort of strangely proud that I helped make it look the way it does. What do you think?



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