Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach

The first week in June, marked our first official family vacation. We decided on Pismo Beach. Josh’s parents helped us plan the trip and came along since they have a cushy RV, and let’s face it – camping is much more enjoyable with a few luxuries and some pleasant company. The campgrounds were really nice, and the beach was just a short walk beyond some beautiful trees and sand dunes. You could hear and smell the ocean at night…

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Peonies - Sadie Olive

Mother’s Day

Hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day weekend. Mine was great, as I spent time with my little family all day Saturday and both Josh and I’s extended families on Sunday. We brunched and barbecued and laughed, took pictures


Finn’s Room

My little boy really isn’t a baby anymore, and since his fourth (gulp) birthday is around the corner (in July) I decided it was time for his room to get a bit of a makeover in terms of decor and accessories. Instagram has been a big source of inspiration for me lately and the look…

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My bedroom

The other morning I woke up before Finn and laid in bed feeling inspired to take some photos of the beautiful light filtering through the curtains in my bedroom. It’s been awhile since I have been inspired to shoot, so I decided to take several images throughout the day of my home and bedroom. I’ve shared


Three and a Half

This is what three and a half looks like around these parts… exploring, adventures, collections, mud, occasional curse words, and boogers. That’s what this little boy is made of.


Kitchen Update

So I have made some good progress on our mini-kitchen renovation. My father-in-law and I finished the subway tile backsplash and were able to get that grouted (we used white non-sanded grout and the smallest spacers you can buy). The vintage wood planks for the shelves came via freight a few days later. I had Larissa…

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A Little Kitchen Reno

So, I randomly started a kitchen renovation this month. I have acquired some old barn wood beams for open shelving to replace the two open cabinets on either side of my range hood, and I’ve been tired of the harlequin pattern and paint color in my kitchen for awhile now, so one morning I just decided to…

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