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WordPress Custom Blog Design:

There are two types of WordPress accounts. The first type is hosted by WordPress, and you sign up for this type of account through WordPress.com. The second type of WordPress account is a self hosted account, which is provided through WordPress.org. They are similar but have very different design capabilities, so it’s important to point out the difference before we get started.

Unfortunately we do NOT work with WordPress.com blogs. If you signed up for your blog through WordPress.com, we will not be able to assist you in your design. If you are a WordPress.org client, or are willing to relocate your blog read on….

WordPress.org accounts are self hosted. This means that you will need your own website to host the account. (This is much easier than you think, and has many benefits.)

First, you’ll need to purchase a domain name (a web site address). We recommend GoDaddy for this. We find they have some of the best prices around (around $2 – $14 a year) and think their domain manager is very easy to use. Simply visit their site, decide what you want your website address to be, and purchase your domain name. This will be your actual blog address, and it’s one of the benefits of hosting your own blog. Now that you have a domain name, you will need a hosting account (a host is a company who will allow you to store data on their servers for your website). Please read on for hosting recommendations….

GoDaddy has a basic “WordPress Hosting” account, that is a quick and easy way to get started. You can either choose this option, or another host such as Host Gator or Host Monster or Blue Host WordPress Hosting (our favorites). All three hosts use cPanel as their hosting control panel, which is the industry standard and offer a (more-or-less) one click software installation service. We like this because it makes keeping your WordPress version updated very, very easy.

Once you have a hosting account, simply provide us with the new account information, and we will install the WordPress software, customize it with a new design, and can even import your old Typepad, Blogger or WordPress.com blog posts, so as to make it as seamless a transition as possible. The benefits of hosting your own blog include: choosing your own website address, having the option to add a fully functioning website at a later date (without having to pay for another domain name or website host!), and never having slow uploads or reliability issues that come with using a site like blogger.com or typepad.com that get bogged down from high traffic.

To Purchase A Design Package:

Please visit the “Design” link in the menu above and select “Pricing and Design Packages” from the drop down menu.


How the design process works:

After your payment has been received and your design is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email from a designer who will send you a questionnaire to complete and tell you when your design is scheduled to begin. (We are usually running a few weeks out on scheduling new clients, please send us an email if you need a more accurate time frame). You may email the designer with color choices, font requests, wording, image attachments, etc. to aid in your design. We will do our best to incorporate your own ideas and elements to create something you love.

(Please note that the price of each item includes a maximum of four revisions, so it is important for you to be as specific as possible with your design requests and your feedback. You may incur additional fees if more than four revisions are required.)

Please send us an email with additional questions or concerns.

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