Terms and Conditions

Please read these carefully as agreeing to these terms means you are entering into a contract with Sadie Olive Design. Please note that purchase of any design work on this site means that you do agree to these terms.


Web Design, Blog Design, and Graphic Design

      For all intents and purposes of this “contract”, exchanges between you and the designer via email constitute “written permission”, “written requests”, and “written agreements”.

     In order to start the design process your passwords must be shared with Sadie Olive Design. Our designers will treat them with the utmost security and privacy. Your passwords will never be shared with another company or individual unless we have “written permission” from you to do so. For your protection, it is recommended that you change your password after our design project is completed.

    We typically schedule design work approximately three to four weeks out from the time you place your order. However, we do sometimes have a longer wait time. If you have a particular deadline to meet, we ask that you email our designers with your requirements prior to placing your order. At the time you place your order, you will receive a confirmation from a designer to confirm the receipt of your payment, a scheduled start date, and further instructions on how to best communicate your design needs. If the scheduled start date does not work for you, you may ask to be re-scheduled. We allow two rescheduled start dates (prior to any work being done on your project) at no charge, however, if you request to be rescheduled more than twice, there is a $50 fee per each additional rescheduled date. Design work must be completed within one year of purchase date and is non-refundable.

    IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: There are usually several weeks before the start of your project, you may need to use this time to take photos for your website, write the text for the pages, and get your products figured out. YOU MUST HAVE THIS COMPLETE BEFORE THE START OF YOUR PROJECT to ensure that we stay on schedule. If the project is not completed by the scheduled end date because you are unable to provide us with the needed information you will be charged additional fees. ($125 per week past the scheduled end date).

     During your scheduled time frame, we ask that you be available to check your email at least once daily. Your feedback to each draft is critical in getting your design completed within the allotted period of time. Most designs can be completed within a matter of days if you are available to provide constructive feedback to the designer. Most designs are allotted a one week time frame, unless multiple items are purchased. All designs are scheduled to start on Monday and conclude on a Friday, as we will not be available to work on the weekends.    

     Your payment is for the design itself as well as the designers time. It is for this reason that refunds and exchanges are not allowed for design work. However, we do want you to be happy. If you are unhappy with your design, we ask that you express your concerns to our designers, who will make every reasonable attempt to make the changes needed for you to be happy. If arrangements can not be made to your satisfaction you are welcome to use another designer. However any design work on your site done by Sadie Olive Design must be credited to Sadie Olive with a link back to our site.      

     Since payment in full is required up front to be added to our schedule, we will allow you to cancel your order before any work is started with a full refund, if so desired. This is the only time a refund of any kind will be issued.      

     While we know that some people just feel more comfortable talking to a designer via telephone, we do ask that all of your requests for design be made “in writing” via email. This is to protect both you and the designer from miscommunication and so that both of you have a paper trail of all conversations. Our designers often work on more than one project at a time, and the “written requests” really help to keep each job organized. Our designers are not available by telephone, and all design work is handled through email.     

      Sadie Olive only offers design services for e-commerce web sites by way of templates made for ShoppeProMerchant Moms or Pappashop. If you do not have one of these three web hosts, you must have prior sign off from Sadie Olive Design that your web host is one that can be worked with. Non e-commerce sites must also have prior approval from the designer for your web host.

      A standard template design includes a banner, background, and navigation menu set-up, as well as installation. Your pages, categories, products, descriptions, shopping cart, etc. will not be set up by the designer unless your design package includes those items and you have a “written agreement” for those extras.

     Typically a rough draft will be created for you within one to three days of your scheduled design time. If your site is through one of our preferred hosts your draft may be installed directly onto your server so that you may see the design as it functions. If you do not have one of these web hosts, or we do not have immediate access to your account, we will send you a link to a rough draft located on our server.  You will have an opportunity to critique the design, as well as ask for changes or revisions. Your notes will be used to create a second draft and the same process will repeat until you are happy with your design. Please note that your quote includes a maximum of four revisions. If extra revisions are required to get the design right, you will be charged for those extra revisions. The extra cost will be determined upon evaluation of the changes being requested. Minor changes are usually billed at $15 a draft.

      Any design work done by Sadie Olive Designs must be credited to our designers with a link back to our site. If we are designing a template or website for you, the designer will add the credit for you. However, if you are only purchasing graphic design work, you must add this credit yourself. The credit must stay on your site for as long as the designs are used. This applies to designs that have been edited after purchase as well as new designs. (You may not alter the design and then call it your own).

    Any images you provide to the designer for use in your project are considered your property. Your images will not be reused on other projects unless you give us “written permission” to do so. Respectively, any images from our own collection used in your design, are considered the property of Sadie Olive Design and may not be reused by you in any other way than was intended by the designer.   

    Finished (flattened) artwork is installed directly onto your server. The JPG, PNG and GIF files will be available for you to download from your own site at your projects completion. You may wish to save the completed artwork to your computer as a backup. Typically website graphics are not intended for print use and will not be large enough or a high enough resolution to print correctly. If you wish to use your website graphics for print use, please notify the designer before the artwork is made so that extra steps may be taken to create a higher quality, print ready file. You may be charged extra for this use depending on the project. Additionally, artwork for print items purchased will be emailed to you in a zipped file. You will need to download the program WinZip, to open the file if it is not already installed on your computer. The layered versions of your artwork and individual design elements within your design will not be supplied to you.

   We would be happy to use your own elements to make your design unique, however, it is the customers responsibility to assure that proper licensing is obtained for use of these items.

    While every effort is made to make each design unique for each customer, we do reserve the right to re-use design elements used in your design on other sites as we see fit. However, careful consideration is taken to not give any two sites the same overall design.

    Once your final draft is installed, your contact with Sadie Olive is considered “complete”. You may not ask for additional changes or embellishments without being invoiced with new charges. Exceptions to this rule may be considered depending on the time frame that has passed since the time of project completion.

    A backup of your design will be kept by the designer for approx three to six months after your design is completed. If for any reason during this time period you need your design to be re-installed we will be able to do that for you free of charge. If it is over six months since your design was completed, we may still be able to help, please email with any concerns or questions.       

An Important Note about Logo Design

The logo’s we design are created using vintage images and commercial use approved purchased images and fonts. The artwork itself is created in Adobe Photoshop and can not be scaled to any size the way vector artwork can be. For this reason, we like to caution clients to the fact that large scale artwork (larger than a postcard) is usually not possible with the logos we create. In addition, some printers require vector artwork even for smaller scale items, so it’s best to check with your printer prior to ordering to make sure there is no confusion.  You will be supplied with a PDF, JPG and PNG of your logo file. Adobe Illustrator files (EPS and AI file types) will not be provided. Please email with any concerns or questions prior to ordering.