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Finn’s 2nd birthday

I meant to blog the other day on Finn’s actual birthday, but the day just somehow got away from me, so I decided to wait until after his party to share pictures. His party was held on Saturday and was “Sailing” themed. I crafted, and prepared for weeks, and gathered TONS of ideas on Pinterest. (See my inspiration board here).

Well, Saturday came, and I was STRESSED to say the least! My mom and sisters arrived early to help me set up and wouldn’t you know it, less than an hour till guests arrived, and it started to rain!!! I was very close to tears, but we quickly did everything we could to move the party indoors.

By the time we managed to get 90% indoors, the rain had stopped, and the party decor was spread out ALL over the place and I was EXHAUSTED! I hardly took any photos, but luckily my sister captured a few great ones, and I managed to take a handful (including some grainy cell phone pics) so please excuse the less than stellar pics about to follow. (It’s seems so silly to care, but when you work this hard at making a party pretty, you want wonderful pictures to remember all your hard work!) Oh well, Finn had a GREAT time, and that’s all that really matters.

Finn and his cousins (above). I painted the signs as decor for the party with some old wood I had lying around.

My sister captured this one (above) of Finn in the boat my awesome neighbor built for the party. Can you believe he did it out of a single sheet of plywood, and some scrap wood we had in the garage!?? The sails are made from a pair of king size pillow cases I never use. Josh painted it with paint we had on hand, the whole project was $30 (the cost of the plywood).

This idea was straight from Pinterest. White beverage tubs from Target, a little water, and some DIY ships from Oriental Trading Co. (which I trimmed the sails and added stripes to). It was surprisingly a big hit with the kids too!

The metal boats are filled with white (wintergreen) lifesavers and are from Beau-Coup. We added a craft paper top of the plastic tablecloths to give the kids a place to color. The little chevron striped buckets are from Oriental Trading Co.

I also used the little buckets and filled them with goldfish crackers and added a “Catch of the Day” sign. And instead of cake or cupcakes we did donut “lifesavers”. The silverware was also wrapped with twine and white lifesaver candies. My Mother in Law also made a fruit salad in half a watermelon, which we added a sail to (and didn’t photograph, darn it!).

Finn had a special sprinkle donut and I made a little bunting to make it a bit more festive.

He almost cried at the end of the birthday song when everyone cheered for him (he hates that) but no tears were shed, and the donut certainly perked him right up.

Paper boat hats, and a few presents to open with my help.

Some of the chalkboards I had around the party as decoration. I made these using a chalk pen I bought at Michaels. My new favorite thing!

Sailor Finn, tolerating (just barely) a few pictures in his boat.

Finn’s little friend, Austin, enjoying some of the party’s activities.  (Austin is our neighbor and Finn learned to say his name, and says it at least 139 times a day). We had sailor hats for the kids to write their names on and keep.

My mom, sisters and I dressed in our nautical garb for the party. I was a sweaty mess at this point, blech!

My sister, Denise and my nieces, Hailey and Makenzie.

The little goodie bags were also from Oriental Trading Co. Each one had a wooden boat (from Amazon), some colored pencils (from Shop Sweet Lulu), a coloring sheet I personalized with Finn’s name, and a little telescope.

We also made rice crispy treats which had paper sails, and a welcome aboard lifesaver on the door, and the large chalkboard from Finn’s playroom which a giant 2 made from washi tape, as well as a small color station with crayons and printed sailboat coloring pages for the kids.

All in all, it was exhausting but so fun! Can’t believe my little one is 2!

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Finn’s Playroom

Last year I shared some pictures of the playroom I’d been working on for Finn. It keeps evolving as it soon will be his bedroom, and I wanted to share some more recent pictures of the space. (As you can tell by Finn’s size and lack of hair, they are not super recent, but the space hasn’t changed much since last August when they were taken).

Josh and I made the large chalkboard ourselves (or attempted to) and then we had to call his Dad in for help once we discovered we were over our heads. I love the scale and how it came out.

The bookshelves we once had in here were sold, and I rearranged slightly. I still need to find a space for a dresser and I’d like an actual bed frame, and a hanging drum shade light fixture…eventually, but for now, I’m pretty happy with the space. And so is Finn, which is what really matters. I only have a few more years of getting to make all the design decisions in his room, so I better enjoy this while I can. ha!

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Yummy Goodness

I swear Finn has grown so much lately. He’s turning into a little boy right before my eyes. Just look at this soon to be 2 year old…

Our bathroom gets the best light and I couldn’t help but capture these images after a shower this morning. Add a hooded chicken towel, and there you have it… pure yummy goodness.

I’ve got a second birthday to plan and I can hardly wait! His birthday is in July and I’m already gathering ideas and saving inspiration.

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