Catching Up


Just stopping in to catch up for a quick moment. Finn is napping (in big boy undies!) and I’m finishing up a design project. Things have been pretty ordinary around these parts. Potty training is about the most exciting thing happening over here, and I am deliriously happy to report that Finn finally gets it! We are on day 6 or 7 of going in the big potty and it’s been wonderful! We have successfully used the potty in stores, at preschool, at relatives houses, and have been accident free for the last five days. (I’m sure I’m going to jinx it now, but I am beaming with pride). Oh how life and priorities change when you are the parent of a three year old.

The picture above is a few weeks ago, but it’s one of my more recent favorites of Finn and Hannah. They have the sweetest friendship, and Hannah is so patient and kind to Finn, it melts my heart.


  1. says

    Such a sweet photo and one that you will look at over the years and still get that little clutch in your heart :)
    I have missed seeing all the Finn photos and happenings at your house. I am glad to see everyone is looking fine ..
    besos, C