Despicable Me Party

For Finn’s third birthday party, I decided to let him have a say in the “theme” this time around. We had just received an Oriental Trading Co catalog in the mail and I was thumbing through throwing ideas at him to see which one stuck. It was a very clear choice, Despicable Me (or “Tickle Me” as Finn likes to call it). We had recently purchased both the first and second movie and they easily became instant hits with Finn. Lots of action, fart guns, great music, and of course, the Minions.

Having overdone his previous two birthdays, spending way too much on parties he has already forgotten, I swore this year, it would be easy-peasy out-of-a-box party decor, games, and just a small number of guests. Ha! How quickly that changed when I started perusing Pinterest…

Nothing here is too expensive, and I did a ton myself with images off the internet and my color printer, but those darn goody bags are where I always go overboard. (I just hate buying junk that I know will end up in the trash, so my budget usually gets blown on the party favors. Oh well, at least I can tell they are loved and appreciated, so it makes it worth it).

partydetailsThe chalk board sign (not my best) was a quote from the movie, and I added Gru’s face at the top (printed on card stock). The minion glasses are “nerd glasses” purchased from Amazon (but I think they are Oriental Trading Co). The black bags that hold the guest appreciation gifts (ahem, party favors) were made theme appropriate with Gru’s logo taped on (printed on construction paper).


The glasses were a big hit, although totally difficult to see out of, so watching toddlers walk with them was pretty comical.


I purchased minion temporary tattoos (oops, spelled that wrong for the party, didn’t I?), bubbles (or anti-gravity serum), and sticker sheets all from Amazon. I tried going with an industrial vibe by putting everything in little vintage tins and boxes that I tapped Gru’s logo, or printed graphics onto. I also made each guest a CD of Finn’s favorite tunes, so I printed out cute CD labels and made each disk fit the theme.

partydetails3The little build-a-minion, above was what each child got to take home with them. Again, purchased from Amazon. The minion party plates and napkins had a rainbow theme to them so I chose accessories that picked up on that, like the party hats, the rainbow colored pennant garland (not pictured), and the rainbow colored beach balls I had thrown about on the lawn for the kids to play with. And of course, the minion piñata.


Everyone seems to enjoy taking pictures with the party hats and glasses, so those were a huge hit, and much easier than the mason jar lid ring, and black headband idea I originally had planned…


There were “freeze-ray” squirt guns for the kids to play with and a bucket of water for fast refilling, that was also a big hit with the kids (although the guns were a bit tricky to fill that way).


My sister, Denise and her family made the cake and cupcakes for the party. That blue frosting was everywhere, but everyone adored it, and it made for some fun pictures.


We had a cute little build your own minion craft table, pin the pocket on the minion (Amazon) and the piñata to keep the littles busy.


The happy birthday song was so fun this year (Finn used to cry when he had that much attention before, but this year he sang along and cheered at the end!). His face says it all.



A few of the guests enjoying their cupcakes, above. It sure is rewarding seeing the joy on their littles faces, it makes every bit of the hard work that goes into these things worth it. Now lets see if I can keep the next one under budget, ha!


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    Sara…What a cute party. I remember when my girls were small and I went crazy fun when they had a birthday…petting zoos etc. I think sometimes we do so much at their parties is for the kid in us…but it is worth it!

    Looks like a great time was had by all…and those twinkie cupcakes are wonderful looking…a creative idea.

    Happy birthday Finn

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    Sara- this is AWESOME. You did an amazing, amazing job! I pinned this in 2 seconds flat…Cate and Lucy love “Scicle Me”. I think I just found their 4th birthday idea!