Happy Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and I thought I’d pop in with two quick pictures of my home decorated for the holiday. The clutter is starting to drive me crazy, so I’m not sure it’ll survive a day past Halloween (I have far less “Thanksgiving” decor, which gives me a bit of relief from the clutter before I pull out my Christmas stuff). But I did have fun while it was up and I think Finn enjoyed it a bit this year.



I’ve been making changes in this front sitting room, as I sold the old piano and buffet I had in here, as I wanted to try something new for awhile. The old shoe rack that was in my bedroom is now on the left and I’m liking the wood tones with the new gray walls. It’ll probably change again in the near future but it will have till wait until the new year because I think Josh is growing tired of my redecorating. Ha!

Hope you all are having a lovely week. I’m sure I’ll pop back in soon with pictures of Finn dressed up for Halloween. Until then…


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    I love the new gray walls! My husband has gotten so used to my changing things up that he hardly notices any more :) I hope Finn has fun trick-or-treating!

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    Sara! You’ve let your subtle stripes go! Oh how I loved those stripes – even pinned it to Pinterest as inspiration, as did 22 after me from mine alone! The gray does look nice too.

    Can you remember the color and brand of your stripes? I have wanted to do my laundry room ever since I first laid eyes on yours, more than 3 yrs ago, I think. :)

    Happy Halloween – little ones always seem to be so crazy for Halloween – as much or more than Christmas! Just wait till he’s in primary school – it’s a crazy time of year for kids.

    My youngest is getting married Sat., and I’m happy to say much of pumpkin patch will is now gone, packed and ready for the outdoor casually rustic wedding scene. I never was really big on Halloween decor (I know what you mean about the clutter). :))

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    I like the bareness of your sitting room now. It has a European feel to it now. I have been doing the same in my sitting room..moving pieces of furniture around to create a more bare yet french nordic country feel. The grey on your walls is a lovely shade.