Are you ready for Spring? I am loving this warmer weather, blue skies and most of all – the mini cadbury eggs I’ve been endlessly snacking on.

The grass is finally getting greener, there are a few tiny blooms on my apricot tree and I’ve got a nest of baby birds in my yard that sing to me each morning. I think I am noticing Spring more than ever this year for one main reason – I had to shoot my first “Spring” story during the not-so-spring-like month of January and it was seriously challenging!

This is my second year (fourth issue) being a contributor for Souvenir, and I absolutely adore it. It challenges me in so many ways. I feel so honored to be a part of it and I still get so excited each time an issue is released and I get to see something I shot and styled among the pages. I pushed myself to try something new this time around and although I was out of my comfort zone and was nearly broken by the lack of cooperation by Mother Nature, I think I managed to pull things off (or I hope I did). I will share more details soon…

The Spring issue of Souvenir is being released Monday, March 11th. You can purchase a digital copy (which includes an iPad friendly version) for just $3.95. Print copies are also available for those of you would love to hold, keep and re-look at the issue over and over like I do. Visit the Souvenir website to learn more.

Here are a few peeks at what you will find in this stunning issue…


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