Wow, January sure came and flew by fast. I’ve been busy with design work and chasing around Finn during the days so I somehow haven’t managed to update since the holiday. Finn celebrated his 18 month milestone on Josh’s birthday this month. He is getting so big! It’s truly amazing to watch how quickly he changes and grows. I finally took the time to snap some pictures of him today and I thought I would share…

a little bed head never hurt anyone…

“what’s that round black thing you’re holding, mom?”

stretch…aka… tall, skinny boy

one of his favorite things to do…

where he spends most of his time…

with his dozens of cars and trucks…


  1. Candace Bertalan Horner says

    Oh those eyes, could he be any more precious?!? Enjoy this time and soak up every moment, I know you are!! Such touching and beautiful photos to have forever to remind you of this very special time in your lives…!! and those sockies!! My boys are 18 and 20, and I still say, sockies!!

  2. Emma says

    This is precious Sara – Finn is growing into a gorgeous (and by the looks, delightful) little man. Little boys are a blessing x

  3. Sandy M. says

    Oh my he is adorable. Growing like a weed. This time goes by so fast. So glad you are documenting it. Enjoy these sweet years. I know you are!

  4. joanne nixon says

    wow…look how finn has grown….what a blessing he is . enjoy every moment, life comes at you fast….best of life to the three of you….

  5. Sandy says

    The love you have for Finn comes shining through on your delightful pictures. What fun you all must have!

  6. Jan C. says

    I love these photos. He is such a boy with his cars and trucks and looks like he is truly enjoying them.

  7. elma says

    He s getting so big and soooo cute!! My Adrian he is eight and can still play with tractors and trucks for hours on end. So nice to have a boy that can play so nicely!!!

  8. says

    Finn is so handsome! I love the little spontaneous pictures..so cute!

    My grandson just turned one a couple of weeks ago. It is great to watch my grandson do the things that Finn was doing a couple of months ago. Your photos give me a glimps of what Colt will be doing in several months…so exciting!