Several years ago my home was featured in Budget Decorating Magazine, A Woman’s Day publication. It was a very exciting moment for me, and I cleaned and prepped for weeks prior to their arrival. Sunday Hendrickson was the stylist for my shoot, and the photographer was Joe Schmelzer. Fifi O’Neill wrote the article for my feature, and was the one who got my home submitted for consideration.

I was looking at the feature the other day and thinking about how much my style has changed since then. As I type this the front room in my home is under construction (having the drywall and ceiling texture smoothed out and repainted). We are losing the horizontal stripes (that were painted by the previous owner) and changing things up a bit. I am very excited about the changes, as it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now.

Since I never did share images from the shoot on my blog, I thought I would share some of the amazing photographs Joe Schmelzer shot (on film) with all of you. I love the images, even though my decorating style isn’t quite the same anymore.

Thanks for letting me share! It’s amazing how differently you see your home when captured by someone else’s eye.


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    OH how beautiful! (but I must confess I really am partial to some of the changes we have already seen!) It is beautiful both ways!!

  2. WendyW says

    Hi Sarah, you are a lady of style with great taste no matter when you decorated … I loved looking at the photographs and I can see the stand you bought years ago that you featured in one of your videos in the Creatively Made Home Course. I really love your style now … and thank you also for all your contributions to Jeanne’s course … you ladies were amazing and so inspiring!

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    I can see that your style is slightly changed but this is still a pretty timeless and gorgeous look!

    We’ve had advertisements filmed in our house before and it really does look so different – the angles that are chosen! – sometimes we wouldn’t even recognise our own home! Thanks for sharing. Jennifer x

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    I love your house but yes, your style has changed…I just watched your video in the online class last night (I’m trying to catch up), I had the flu almost the whole month of November so sadly I never got to share any of my photos. I have enjoyed the class so much, I am still watching the videos and doing some of the crafts……I love seeing your sweet little boy in the videos, what a sweetie!!!!
    Margaret B

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    So glad you shared… It’s just lovely. I actually did a pillow with a 5 on it too…. was so surprised to see yours. I always pick 5… I think it has the cutest shape… no 1’s or 7’s here.