Tiggy & Grace

I have written about my lovely friend, Kimberly before. We have worked along side each other during several of my recent projects, including the Creatively Made Home course andĀ Souvenir Magazine. Kimberly has a style that appears so effortlessly casual, warm, earthy, and inviting. It’s everything I love this time of year and have been striving to achieve more of in my own home.

A foody and photographer at heart, Kimberly combines her talents with the elements we’ve all been in love with: natural linen, hand-thrown pottery and raw wood. That’s why when she told me she would be opening up her own pop-up shop this week, I squealed with delight.

The shop, named Tiggy & Grace, named after her grandmother, will be open this Friday, November 16th. It’s a “pop-up” shop which means everything she’s selling is limited in quantities and once it’s gone, it’s gone.


There will be one-of-a-kind pottery her husband made at home. Think rustic, imperfect and beautifully unique.

There will be lovely hand-made linen aprons and napkins, designed by Kimberly and perfect for gift-giving.

And locally made smoked salts packaged in weck jars…

These are just a few of the lovely things you will find at Tiggy & Grace. Be sure to visit the shop this Friday and check some of those gifts off your holiday list. And pick yourself out something pretty too. (I know I will!)


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    Sweet friend, you are such a gift and I so appreciate your kind words. Thank you for sharing with your wonderful readers- it is truly appreciated.

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    I was ecstatic when Kimberly hinted about this on CMH and was going to ask her about it last night but forgot/ran out of time. You can bet I’ll be peaking in on her page all day long waiting for the “shop” to open. This year one of my endeavors is to purchase as close to 100% handmade as possible, where it be something I created or something an independent artisan created.

    So thank you so very much for sharing about Tiggy & Grace… and your dear sweet friend Kimberly. (she is truly a lovely person, one i know you are proud to call friend!)

    Have a wonderful day!