Just a Peek

So far I’ve shared some sneak peeks of our Creatively Made Home course that starts in little more than a week (on October 22nd) by sharing what Kimberly Taylor and Jennifer Rizzo are working on. But today I’d like to give you a small peek at what I’ve been working on these last two months.

All five of the hosts (myself included) will be sharing these main points (among other things)….

Our personal journey with our home and family.

Our design influences.

How we found our own styles and how we began incorporating them.

Our favorite recipes.

New photos of our homes.

10 project videos in different areas that are true to how we incorporate our own creativity and passions in everyday living.

Here is a peek at some of the videos I’ve been working on….

I’ve redecorated my office since I last shared pictures and I’ll show you how I decorate the walls and why I place things where I do.

I’ll show you how to create your own graphics in Adobe Photoshop that you can use with the video Jennifer Rizzo is sharing on how to print graphics onto fabric to make your own pillows, bags, etc. (I will also provide a downloadable graphic I create in the video for you to use).

I will show you how I choose objects and arrange them for display.

I’ll talk about my camera and give some photography tips, as well as show you how I edit them in Photoshop.

And I’ll show you how I created the crib bumper (shown here) for Finn’s nursery and provide a downloadable guide so you can make your own.


This is honestly just a peek at the videos I’ll be sharing with all of the participants in this course. There is a lot more coming from each of us that I just know you will love.

I am so excited about this course. The diversity in each of our gifts and wide array of styles make this course something truly unique.

Jeanne has been working on a brand new site for the course that she will launch next week complete with chat rooms, forums, videos, photos and much more… this is one you won’t want to miss.

Register now to join us by using the PayPal link in my sidebar or visit the Creatively Made Home page here to learn more.

(just a side note: yesterday PayPal was experiencing difficulties with people using the Safari web browser, so please try again if you do have trouble)