Wild Banshees

Just popping in to share a single photo from yesterday of my “wild” banshees.

Finn and Hannah are having a great time with the teepee we bought him for his birthday. I can’t wait till he is running around playing cowboys and indians with Hannah. The future photo shoot is already being planned… ;)

Teepee was purchased from this beautiful Etsy shop: Houseinhabit


  1. says

    I remember the days of little men around my house. The forts that took up most of my living room, the tricks they played on me, that sometimes I saw from a mile away, but didn’t want to ruin the joy on their faces when they saw how surprised I was…These are the Good old Days. Enjoy every minute.

  2. says

    So stinkin adorable!!! I am in love with that teepee (and with Finn of course ;)
    What fun to have your own lil hangout….I want one for me – LOL
    Oh, and Hannah looks pretty pumped over the new teepee too…Im thinkin Hannah (aka Pocahontas) needs some braids for her Cowboy/Indian photo shoot ;)