Early Evening

I have really been enjoying this weather we’ve been having. The evenings are perfect being outdoors when the heat of the day starts to mix with the chilled breeze that blows in.

I snapped this image the other night while taking some engagement pictures for Josh’s cousin. They came out really cute, but I don’t want to share them and take away the fun of her showing them to everyone when sending out her “save the dates”. So I’ll share them a bit later. :)


I have officially gained back the not-so-flattering extra pounds I lost before Finn arrived, so now I have to start over trying to ease myself into exercising when I am very possibly the worlds worst self-motivator (at least when it comes to exercise and eating right).

Last night I talked myself into going on a walk with Josh, Finn and Hannah, and I was fully prepared to sweat, and even jog a little – but Josh knows me too well and wore his flip flops, which just made it easier for me to decide to walk at a leisurely pace. (I can’t really blame him for the bowl of ice cream I had when we got home though. I justified it by saying I needed to eat the rest so I won’t have any in the house as future temptation).

While we strolled along, I couldn’t help but snap pictures on my phone. There is just something about that early evening sunlight that makes everything look magical.

The pretty soft music I had playing in my ears helps too. Now I just need to play something a bit more upbeat and fast-paced so I will jog off some of this cushion. ;)


  1. says

    your photos are just lovely! i agree, there is nothing like the early evening light. everything just seems to glow.
    i wish you luck in your weight loss journey. i just started one myself. i decided to buy sherbert instead of ice cream! :)
    the running has become easier…i just dislike the heat.

  2. says

    May I offer a dieting tip that has worked for me and friends … don’t deny yourself anything, you will just obsess over it instead of enjoying the smart/good/diet foods .. so eat your smart diet meal then allow yourself one big spoonful of ice cream or a bite of chocolate or whatever. But only after dinner and only a tiny bit.
    And cut everything in half .. portion-wise. We all eat too much at a time.
    Moving to South America where we 1- walk everywhere, miles a day 2- eat late but small portions .. I lost 20 lbs upon arrival. It was a combination of the walking everywhere and the smaller portions .. continuing this way of eating, 5 years later, I am still 20 lbs lighter.
    It is so much easier than going on any “diet” ..
    good luck :)

  3. Michele Sabata Keplinger says

    There is a lovely French name for that special time of day and light: souliade. Think of the beautiful, ancient, ochre washed villages rising up the hills of Provence, or the warmth of fields of sunflowers bowing to the falling sunlight …. My personal favorite time of day too!

  4. says

    So beautiful. We’ve been enjoying the evenings outdoors too. I miss eating my lunch on back porch most days, but not it’s too hot! So, evenings are the item to enjoy the porch now.