Our weekend

I feel like I’m on a roll sharing on this very neglected blog, so I thought I would go ahead and share some pictures of our adventure filled weekend.

My nephew Ryder had a 3rd birthday party this weekend and we celebrated at a small water park near my sister, Lindsey’s home.

Finn wore his new board shorts (although they were a touch too big) and looked so stinking cute (if I do say so myself…lol). He wasn’t really wanting to go in the water as I think all the commotion made him a little timid. The bigger kids sure enjoyed though!

After the party we came home to relax in the yard and play ball with Hannah.

That smile just melts my heart – every time.

We are so happy that summer has started. I see many more of these lazy afternoons in our immediate future. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. says

    Lordy that baby boy grows faster than a weed !! Tell him I said Slow Down !
    those teeth, how beautiful lol … has he been doing okay with the teething ?
    I wish you endless beautiful summer days .. love

  2. WendyW says

    What beautiful family pictures! I must say that Finn has the CUTEST smile ever!!! It breaks my heart every time I look at him!!