Finn’s Playroom

I mentioned awhile back during the home tour I gave here on the blog that I was working on converting our unused guest room into a playroom for Finn. It’s been slow going, and is still a work in progress but I thought I would share a few pictures today.

Here is an “overall” shot of the room as it looks today. I kept only one of the twin beds we had previously in this room, and bought some new boyish bedding from the Land of Nod. (I scored big waiting until after Christmas and I took advantage of the sales). The walls are a bit bare for the time being as I am waiting for the perfect piece to inspire me, but I have enjoyed taking my time piecing things together. The alphabet rug was also a Land of Nod purchase. I love how it fits nice and snug between the bed and shelving units (both of which I moved in from my home office).

It’s been a little challenging for me to decorate with brighter colors and keep things boyish, as both are departures from my comfort zone. I decided to stay neutral with the larger items and just bring in pops of primary colors. The black shelves above have been all over our home… they started as part of an entertainment unit (from Pottery Barn) in our living room, and then were used in my home office on either side of my desk. I borrowed them from my office while attempting to switch my office to this smaller room, and then ended up scrapping the idea but keeping the shelves here for Finn to use. They are very stable and heavy, so they are perfect for books and baskets and toys.

The little wooden chairs, globe and accordion file are vintage pieces I picked up at estate sales and on Etsy.

The wire shelving unit was also from my home office. I bought it years ago when stocking my shop through a vendor. The little cubbies are perfect for storage and keeping toys handy. The framed picture above was moved in from our laundry room. I bought it at least 5 or 6 years ago. I think it was from Sundance Catalog if I remember right? I think the message is perfect for a playroom, and of course the dogs remind us of Hannah. :o)

I have been saving these little red and white nautical flags to use in this room since before Finn was even born, so I was excited to hang them and see them in their proper place. I’m hoping that when Finn starts to use the room, he will love playing in here as much as I loved finding the perfect items to adorn it.

One other small side note: the shop is having technical difficulties, and I hope to have it fixed very soon. You can still shop our Etsy shop, or email me to purchase design work, etc. Thanks! Happy Friday.


  1. says

    “They are very stable and heavy, so they are perfect for books and baskets and toys.” This should read, so that when Finn climbs on them…. :) His play room is so cute!!! Great job. Thanks for sharing! I love all the stores you mentioned. I have 2 boys (although they are teens now) but you could always find good boy stuff there!

  2. says

    Finn’s playroom is looking so cute! I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say it is hard to branch out of your comfort zone into brighter colors. I feel the same. Decorating my little boy’s room has been a fun excuse to use those brighter colors, but also hard for me. — I can’t wait to see how the playroom comes along!

  3. says

    Hi Sara,
    The playroom looks great. It is nice to have a room to try and keep all the toys contained or to hide things away when guests come over. Now that Finn is getting very mobile it will probably only look this clean when he is asleep.

  4. Jessica says

    Hi Sara!

    I have been following your blog and love it very much. I was wondering if you could share the paint colors for your son’s room? I love a little boy at home and we just moved into a fixer upper and I always have probs w/finding the right paint color. I love the way this looks – hope it is ok to ask you what colors you used and what brand? Thank you!!! Love this room – everything is gorgeous!