I know I am a bit behind sharing on the blog… The truth is little Finn is keeping me plenty busy, and somehow I am managing to juggle design work, the Etsy shop, and chasing after 9 month old. I’m still don’t know how I’m doing it.

I haven’t had much time to take “real” photos lately, but I always have my iPhone nearby, and I love Instagram, so I share on there almost daily. If you have an account, pay me a visit, my user name is “saraduckett”.

I thought I would recap the month of April with a few Instagram pictures….

Here is one from Easter, that I just love…

(This was at our house before the festivities).

  We’ve been trying lots of new foods… scrambled eggs, avocado, chicken, and cheese puffs are the new favorites.

We’ve gone to restaurants, supermarkets, and Coscto…. and started sitting in the shopping cart.

We’ve had some crazy hair days….

We’ve had plenty of time to just be cute…

And read…

We started crawling! And very quickly discovered how to climb the stairs out of the family room… and that we do NOT like playpens.

We experienced the pool for the first time (and loved it!)…

We discovered what friends are…

We learned to share… (well, Hannah did…)

We had our first haircut… by Mom.

And now it’s already May!

I just can’t believe how fast the time goes by.


  1. says

    Oh my he is bring back so many memories of my little boy at 9 mths
    what wonderful time of discovery and yes even 3 years later it is still all about him and little time for anything else.

    Enjoy this time and soak it all up.


  2. says

    Oh Sara,
    He is a cutie pie!!~ It does go by so fast! Mine just turned 8 and 4 and I truly miss the “baby” days!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  3. says

    Hi Sara
    He is beautiful and precious. Thank you for sharing all of the “firsts” with us. Have a wonderful week!


  4. Andrea says

    Sara…he is absoluetly adorable…..enjoy every minute….I know that you are!!!

  5. Ann in Indy says

    Oh my, they do grow up quickly! He is adorable. I have to ask is that the little hat I knitted. I’m so glad he is able to still wear it! All I can say is enjoy every minute of this little guy….my baby is almost 21. The time passes so quickly.
    Have a beautiful day!

  6. Karen Pottinger says

    Finn is SO adorable – those are great pictures Sara. The time passes so fast when they are this young. I know my youngest is 2 1/2 now and I don’t know where the time has gone…..

  7. Joanne B. says

    He is just beautiful! You are soooo blessed! And those thighs? Delicious! And did I detect dimples in his cheeks?/his OTHER cheeks? How precious he is! Of course he will hate you when he sees those picks, but his bride will love you for haiving them so keep on capturing his life! May God continue to bless you with smiles…

  8. says

    I look at Finn and I am shocked at how fast time has gone also !
    I remember the first time I read your blog, saw your home and Hannah and read about your plans for a baby .. and here he is.
    He is more adorable than I have words for, the haircut was pretty good Mom! and I cannot believe he is crawling .. and do hang on to that one photo to show the girls when they come around :)
    muchas besos ~ C

  9. Jody says


    The photos are priceless, thank you for sharing them! Finn is adorable and growing so fast :)

  10. says

    What a handsome boy! It goes so fast, I wish I could go back in time.Sweet Memories, do enjoy~Blessings Kim

  11. says

    Oh Sara…Finn is sooooo adorable…an absolute doll!! And he’s at such a fun (& busy) age:)) I’ve seen most of these photos of him on Instagram; but I could stare at your lil’ guy all day (I hope that doesn’t sound creepy;) ‘cuz he’s just so cute!

  12. Selena says

    Hi Sara

    My name is Selena and I’ve been following your blog for a while now…I stumbled upon it by accident through your etsy store. Just wanted to tell you what an absolute delight Finn is, and how much I look forward to the photo posts. I, too, have a bouncing bundle of joy – an 8 month old daughter called Molly Paige. Like you, I don’t know how I find the time to juggle my busy lifestyle…but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The joy Molly brings cannot be expressed in words – I only have to kiss those velvety cheeks and my heart melts!

    Have a wonderful week Sara…all the very best to you and your beautiful family.

    x Selena
    Melbourne, Australia

  13. zoe says

    He’s a regular Tintin with that hair! These are lovely – it looks like he, and you, are having a great time :)

  14. darla muralt says

    How darling is your baby boy. I never post on blogs, I usually just enjoy. However after seeing your son’s precious pics, I have to express what joy they bring to me of the first years as a momma myself…and now as a “drama” with much grown children. LOL
    Your son is a beautiful boy with the most magical expressions. It is precious to see such joy and wonder on his little face.
    I am so touched to feel the pure love that oozes from each and every frame. What a beautiful little life he is living with a mama who obviously has to share because her cup overflows.
    So blessed by the beauty of love that you share!