Happy Friday

Just popping in to wish everyone a lovely weekend. Finn, Hannah and I have some outdoor relaxing planned if the weather permits. (Josh is working this weekend. Boo.) I am feeling the urge to start some Spring cleaning so if we get rained in, I guess I will have to get started on that instead. Boo! I think hosting a garage sale is in my near future… it is amazing how quickly babies grow out of things!

sara & finn


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Amy - March 23, 2012 - 8:32 pm

Oh, don’t I know, it seems we are giving things to Child Haven every few weeks.
Not only clothing but the toys too.
Those little helpless babies deserve everything we can give to them.
I make sure to always donate my sons things to a non-profit charity or swap with other mommies.
it is a lesson we have instilled in our son since birth to give to others before bringing home more.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, NO RAIN, it is too beautiful out for rain.