Book Worm

Just wanted to share a few pictures of my little book worm… here he is reading his favorite book, “Pat the Bunny”. He can do everything Paul and Judy do except put his finger through mommy’s ring, and he doesn’t like to “smell” the flowers…

He LOVES to play peek-a-boo with Paul, and feel Daddy’s scratchy face, and he thinks it’s HILARIOUS  when we are out shopping and I recite the book without even having it with us.

I told him to pick out a book for me to read to him and here he is mulling over his decision… 
“Here Mom, read this one…”

Looks like it’s time to read some stories. Little Pookie it is…


  1. says

    Oh dear, how can you possibly get anything done? I would look at that cute, cute face all day long!! ;-)

  2. Joanne B. says

    Finn is just adorable! (But you already knew that, right?) Treasure these times…they go by so quickly…my baby is a sophomore in college. You blink, and they morph into even more amazing creatures and there is no one “time’ that is any more special than another. My daughter, at 2 or at 20, never ceases to amaze me…Enjoy the love!

  3. says

    Oh my how he’s grown. They grow up way too fast….believe me, because my firstborn turns 30 this Spring and I have no idea how she grew up so fast! Now i read to her little guy who will be two soon.

  4. Elle Lemieux says

    My children are adopted as well, two daughters from India and an
    African American son from the U.S. But I had just had to comment on how much your son looks exactly like your husband. I have only seen the few pictures that you have posted of him, but it is uncanny! Enjoy! It only gets better and better.

  5. says

    I remember these sweet moments when my children were small… enjoy it all Sara… and savor these moments… they pass all too quickly!


  6. says

    A Super Genius and soo Cute!! My 2 year old grandson read ‘No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!’ to me over the phone. Precious to hear their little voices! xo