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Sorry I’ve been a bit out of touch lately. I’ve had a hectic January and I still feel like my to do list is a mile long. My design business always gets a big boost at the beginning of the year, as it seems everyone wants a fresh new look for the fresh new year. It’s great for me, but it was a bit challenging trying not to turn away clients, and somehow find the time to be a stay at home mommy with Finn too, and of course there is that January 31st tax deadline that always creeps up on me. But somehow, thankfully, I’ve managed to stay afloat.

Josh turned the big 4-0 this month. His parents hosted a big party for him, and I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself, so that was fun. Finn turned six months on Josh’s birthday. We celebrated with a trip to the doctors office for vaccinations. So not what Finn had in mind. Poor baby. He remembers that doctors office each time now, and he does NOT like it.

Little Finn is growing like a weed. He is starting to sit on his own now too. Today he lasted about seven or eight minutes and I was so impressed I ran to get my camera, and just as I was ready to snap the photo, he tumbled over. Ha! I think he planned it that way. :)

I did capture this sweet (but brief) moment while he sat unassisted a few days ago.

He’s sitting in his new playroom I am working on. :o) I decided since we’ve lived here for six years and the guest room has never been more than a room for our cats, that Finn needed more room for his toys. It’s still a work in progress, but I promise to show pictures when I’m ready.

Here he is in my office the other day sitting in his very own chair. :o)


In other news, something pretty exciting happened this month. I was contacted by the Nate Berkus show and asked if I wanted to be a part of their “House Proud” segment for an upcoming show. I, of course, shrieked yes! The next day I was overnighted a video camera and asked to get the footage shot and returned within a day or two. I just about died. Does anyone have their home “camera ready” on that short of notice? lol… I hope I’m not the only one. I begged them to give me the weekend, and they agreed.

Josh and I cleaned frantically and I tried to hide all the clutter so I could meet the deadline and not pass up the opportunity. But man, I was so stressed trying to fit it into my already hectic January that I caught a terrible cold. My voice was so strained on camera, and I think I managed to fumble my lines just about every take.

I was told it will air this Friday, February 3rd. Talk about quick turn time! I am so excited and nervous! I looked it up online and it’s the episode with Katherine Heigl talking about “motherhood and Hollywood”. I just adore her! Grey’s Anatomy is one of my top five favorite shows.

Here’s a picture of my clean living room all gussied up for Nate Berkus!

I took a TON of pictures that day, so I’ll share them in a week or so after the show airs. You’ll have to tune in and let me know what you all think. His show is on at 3pm weekdays on NBC. Eeek!

Make sure you watch for Finn waving goodbye to Nate in the end. He’s so excited to be on t.v. too…lol… Josh decided he didn’t want to be on camera, so he never did make an appearance. :o)





  1. says

    WOW~~ The Nate Berkus Show?? You are one lucky gal. LOVE him. Your room looks gorgeous and I am sure the segment will be perfect. Cant wait to tune in.
    Your little guy is so darn precious;)
    Have a great week.. I am sure it will be extra special
    Fresh Vanilla For C

  2. says

    Hurray for you! I’ll be sure to watch the episode!

    Love seeing pictures of Finn. That little dimple on his cheek is so cute!!


  3. says

    Hi Sara!
    What busy January, indeed!

    I will tape Nate’s Show on Friday so I can see your segment and wave to Finn!

    I also wish to thank you for sharing your thoughts, and your gift of inspiration via Jeanne Oliver’s e-course!

    I hope you get a little time to breathe in February!

  4. says

    How exciting for you. Congrats! And Finn is growing so quickly. :) I always love seeing pictures of your home. It is so beautiful and so soothing.

  5. says

    so exciting..and NO…i could not be camera ready even with the weekend !!!
    i tape Nate..so i will catch it for sure..the house proud segments are my favorite…i still love Nate most for the decorating !

    congrats !!
    (and your baby IS growing like a weed !)

  6. says

    Oh baby love…Finn is sooooo adorable!! And congratulations, Sara, on the NB show:) That’s so fantastic…you can bet I’ll be watching!

  7. says

    How wonderful about the tv show ( which I probably will never get to see :(

    If I could only get the chance to give Finn a kiss on that dimpled cheek ! Here, you do it for me :)

    Good luck with the show and everything and keep those Finn ‘Fotos’ coming !
    besitos, Candice

  8. Jody says


    Finn is absolutely adorable!

    Congrats on the Nate show! I can’t imagine anyone having their house camera ready on such short notice — you are definitely not the only one :) I’m sure it’s going to be great!

  9. says

    Oh my, I’m glad I checked your blog today! I’ve stalked you for ages & love it when I see your home in a magazine. I’ll tevo tonight. Congrats on both being on TV & managing to get your house that nice with a baby & a cold.

  10. says

    Hi Sara
    Finn is getting so big! What a cutie ♥
    Congratulations on the Nate segment … I will definitely be watching tomorrow.

  11. Darlene Forget says

    sweetest little fellow, I haven’t been to your blog, came through Dreamy Whites, Finn seems to be looking at your with adoration, “mommy, you are my world”, great shots

  12. Elma Riedstra says

    Oh I just watched Nate!! Your home is so beautiful and I LOVE the green dresser in babys room. You did a fabulous job and fin and you looked so sweet at the end!!! Congratulations!!!

  13. mary says

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I just saw your House Proud on Nate!!! I am a regular reader, but didn’t know you were going to be on! Way to go!