spring cleaning

Josh and I have been on a “spring cleaning” kick lately, and we’ve been tackling some unfinished projects and really pulling things together around here getting ready for a baby. We’ve been in matching now for eight months, so I’m hopeful things will go pretty quickly here on out…

I had the house to myself for a bit today and was loving how clean and uncluttered it looked, so I decided to snap a few pictures. I’m sure most of you have seen it all before, but maybe it will be fun to peek anyway…

I love this horse painting I bought a year or so ago from an estate sale. The colors are gorgeous in person and the frame is really unique. I’ve never seen anything like it since, which makes me love it even more…

Here is a peek into our family room and laundry. I don’t show these rooms very often since they are always sloppy and, well…. “lived in”. But I just had to get Annabelle in the shot as she napped on the sofa…

This is our “guest” room, which I usually call “the cats room” since the two kitties are usually in there looking out the front windows. I have a quilt and blanket on either bed to keep the cat hair under control. (They are a lot easier to keep clean then the matching duvet covers underneath). I found that little nightstand at a garage sale around the corner. It’s missing a handle, and it’s paint, but I love it! I plan on adding a little crystal drawer pull, but haven’t found the right one yet.

My little girl lounging on her dog bed. She is suffering from terrible allergies this spring and is doped up on Benadryl here… poor baby.

I also have updated the baby’s room a bit here and there… My mother in law helped me create this sailboat mobile using some vintage fabric. (I got the idea from here). I also changed out the photos on the shelves with some barnyard animal flash cards. The sweet little ship was an Etsy purchase and the wonderful duck decoy I bought from the Barn House Boys.

The sweet bear and giraffe are from the Land of Nod, and the vintage print was another estate find. :o)


That’s all for now. I took a few of the home office that I’ll have to share another day. Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! I know I did!


  1. says

    Everything looks great Sara. I love those huge botanical prints. Our poor girl is doped up on bendryl for allergies too. She’s actually rubbed a hot spot under her chin. The baby’s room is adorable.

  2. cathy says

    I never get sick of seeing beautiful photos from your home…Gorgeous as always and I ADORE some of the new photos in your banner….We need to talk about those lol :) xxxx c

  3. MaryBeth says

    I love your twin beds and wainscotting. Also your laundry room, do you have a sink or anything else in there? We have a 5 month old white lab and we thought he had allergies but turns out to be kennel cough. Hope your dog is getting relief from the benadryl.

  4. says

    Your home is so welcoming , my dog has terrible allergies to ragweed later in the season , we had to give him a stronger medication its called Vanectyl P from our vet you may want to look into that, it doesn’t make them drowsey but really tackles the allergy, I need to get stocked up again soon .

  5. Debbie Klassen says

    Love everything. Especially the vintage print. What color are the walls of your family room?

  6. says

    Bonjour Sadie,
    J’adore ta déco et ton chien.
    Les objets, la couleur dominante, la façon d’aménager les pièces sont très bien choisis. Beaucoup de goût!
    Belles photos!

  7. says

    I always love seeing the pictures of your home! So well edited!!! It always makes me want to pare down my clutter!! It makes all your items look like exquisite vintage pieces…which of course they are!!! But I love how it really makes you see each item and how it adds to the whole effect!!! Just beautiful!! And that baby room is just adorable, hope it is filled soon with the sounds of a baby coo-ing!!!! Thanks for sharing with us! ~Sandra

  8. RobinfromCA says

    Oh, poor Hannah! My little Chloe has been suffering a lot this season too. It’s been a bad year in CA for allergies.

  9. RobinfromCA says

    BTW, I love the sailboat mobile! My son-in-law is in the Coast Guard and this would be perfect for my little grandson’s room!

  10. says

    okay, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your soon to be born baby boy!!! i’ve been checking in and following your blog for a while now and i am so incredibly happy for you! i recently had a baby boy and i am DYING over this darling boy & dog picture you said you found at an estate sale. do you know the artist by chance? it would go perfectly in my little jack’s room! will you please let me know if you know?
    thank you!

  11. says

    I really love the paint color in your laundry room! Would it be possible to share the color of it, if known? Thanks in advance!!! :)