sunshine and rainbows

My rainy day is looking up. Thanks so much for the support and encouragement yesterday. Hannah is home from the hospital, and recovering. It’s sort of a gruesome surgery with some less than glamorous details, so I won’t gross you out with the specifics, but just look at this face. She’s so pleased to be home (but sad she can’t get at her itchy stitches).

She hasn’t worn a “cone of shame” in several years, so she’s a crack up bumping into everything. And of course she’s made both cats really upset because she smells like the hospital and is really scary with her cone on. I’m hoping the next three to five days won’t be too difficult, but so far she’s needed non-stop monitoring so she won’t scoot.

Greg, my father in law, is also doing much better. He had a tear in the arterial portion of his stomach, so the ulcer was literally pumping blood into his stomach, which of course explains the extremely low blood pressure. They were able to cauterize the bleed, and are monitoring him to make sure his blood pressure returns to normal and the repair sticks. They think it was caused by too much aspirin, which he was taking for back pain.

All in all, today is looking up. Thanks for letting me vent my sadness yesterday. I know it’s not the funnest stuff to read, but sometimes it’s really therapeutic. Have a wonderful week, my friends.


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    Hi Sara,
    I’v read your posts the last couple of days…and I’m glad to hear that things are going better for you today :) And you’re right, although it’s not the funnest stuff to read…It’s life, and it’s real. You seem to be an amazing girl, and I love your shop, your photographs and reading your blog. I hope things only get better for you from here!

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    I’m glad today is a brigher day. I’m glad Greg and Hannah are doing much better. Oh the photo of her and those sad eyes are a killer. Our pup is having surgery tomorrow. I wonder if he will be sporty this fashionable collar. Big hugs… xo

  3. joanne nixon says

    wow, sara….you certainly have had some rough days…hope the next few days will be sunny and happy….i love your photos and your blog….take care…

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    WoW you have had a rough time the last few days. Glad that things are back on the up swing.
    The picture of sweet Hannah ripped at my heart…her big eyes look like she is saying, “Are you gonna do something to help me?”
    I bet those cats don’t come within fifty feet of her.LOL
    Also happy to hear the FIL is getting better. That is so scary when you just don’t know what is wrong.
    And as far as those e-mails…it’s hard but don’t let negitive people pull you down to their level.
    Take Care and get some rest,

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    I am so glad to hear your Father in Law is doing muhc better & your cute pooch! :) Sorry you had such a bad day the other day it amazes me how mean & rude some people can be, no matter how bad my day is or how depressed or pissed off i am i don’t take it out on other people. :(
    Love that you are blogging more… :)

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    so happy to hear things are looking up and Hannah is precious. I was hoping to bump into at a few estates sales so I could say “hi” a girl can dream can’t she!


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    Oh poor Hannah…but no doggie ever looked cuter:) And glad to hear your FIL is better, too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of pleasant moments:)

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    Oh, your Hannah is such a cutie…. Fortunately dogs usually heal pretty quickly and they say they don’t feel pain as intensely as humans…. I hope she’s back to her joyful self soon.

    Warm blessings,

  9. Sally says

    I am in love with Hannah and hope she is feeling better.
    I’m sending her many hugs dear friend. I’m also glad that
    Greg is doing better. I hold you in my heart dear friend. I have so many issues to face in my life at this time and know it can be hard. But I have to Tell you that thinking about Hannah brings a smile to my heart. I’m so sorry she had to wear the cone. I hope it’s a thing of the past by now. I’m a bit behind in responding to your posts but know I think about you and love your blog and the posts you share!


  10. jewelee says

    Glad to see things are better on all accounts — how stressful when it all comes at you like that.

    Your sweet Hannah can pull off “the cone look” like nobody’s business!