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Ugh. Today is NOT my day. I’d like to crawl back into bed, hide under the covers and go back to sleep. Hopefully when I wake up the day will get better.

First, my father in law was admitted to the hospital last night. He’s experiencing some internal bleeding, and his blood pressure is very low, so they are monitoring him and running some tests to see where the bleeding is occurring. We are concerned and anxious of course, to figure out what is wrong.

Then, I noticed something was wrong with Hannah, so I rushed her to the vet, only to be told she would need immediate surgery, and, oh, by the way, it will cost $480. The worst part was having to leave her there, she was clearly upset and she kept trying to get me to take her home. (Her poor little bottom has a golf ball size abscess, and it would have ruptured at any time….)

And then I had some not so nice emails to come home too. As much as I try, I never do a very good job not letting them get to me.

When it rains, it really pours, doesn’t it? I’m taking my box of tissues, wiping my eyes, and heading back to bed.

**Quick update – My FIL is doing better. The doctors were able to find the tear and cauterize it, but he’ll have to stay in the hospital for a few more days for observation.

And my sweet Hannah is awake from surgery and resting. She had to stay overnight for observation as well, so we’ll have her back home tomorrow. I’m missing her terribly, but I’m glad she’ll be in good hands (and on pain meds).

Thanks for all of the sweet encouragement. It’s just been one of those days.


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    Sara ~ I am so sorry to hear you have had such an awful day… Sending you hugs and keeping everyone in my thoughts….Hopefully tomorrow will bring with it good news and everyone will be feeling better.

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    I’ve been really lucky so far…not too many “less than nice comments” on my blog and I can’t imagine anyone having nothing better to do than to leave some on a person’s blog (or anywhere else for that matter). This is my first time commenting to you but I have loved your blog and home for quite a while.

    Don’t let the “hateful” comments get you down, those folks are really to be pitied and probably are just jealous!


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    oh Sara, I know exactly what you mean.
    This is a year for the record books for everyone.
    I hope all is better soon.
    And what is up with that, why can’t people just contact you personally to vent their unhappiness and hope a resolve would come of it? People just don’t stop and think anymore, it is too easy to get online and shout right away these days. Before people had time to cool down to write a letter.
    I am so sorry to hear all of your sadness and hope it all can be better soon.

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    Love you Sara!!! Don’t let those meanies get you down ~ they are just miserable people trying to make everyone else miserable too!! I hope your father in law is better soon; and poor Hannah!!

    Sending good thoughts your way!


  5. jewelee says

    Here is a positive comment –hopefully to dissolve some of the negative. I am so happy that you are writing your blog again. I love it.

    Get well wishes to your father-in-law and sweet Hannah!

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    So sorry to hear about your crappy day… please know that there are a lot more positive, happy fans out here in the blogosphere than negative ones and we’re all with you in spirit! Here’s to a brighter tomorrow :)

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    I dislike negative people….poo on them!
    Hope your day brightens up my dear :) You always bring a smile to all of our faces!!
    Big hugs being sent your way….

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    i’m sorry to hear about your father-in-law, and also about hannah! i hope they will turn out alright in the end. *sending warm thoughts*

    as for those mean comments, ugh. people really shouldn’t say anything at all if they have nothing nice to say. dont take them to heart because you’re much better off thinking about more important things and about people who are nice and care about you instead.

    feel better!!!

  9. Jeri Ray says

    Sorry you’re having a bad day!! I know from my experience, the few times I have purchased something from you, I have always had great customer service. So just know you have many many supporters! :)And I truly hope tomorrow is a much better day for you!

  10. Di says

    Hi. I read your blog all the time ( because i love it, it is just beautiful)and have never commented before but today I really wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and I do hope tomorrow will be a much better day. Don’t worry about negative comments, I know that’s easy for me to say but really…….how on earth do these people have the time and energy to invest in such negative dribble!! Lots of big hugs to you x

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    Oh gosh…..I am so sorry for everything going on.I will say a prayer for your father-in-law. Your dog will be good as new in no time but its so hard to leave them. And for the comments….ignore them today…..some people love to be difficult…..
    Tomorrow is a new day and the sun will shine down on you.

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    Ahh my dear friend,please as much as it hurst when a nasty comment is left many times they are a bit green.
    Once upon atime I went to a seminar about online selling was told it will happen…that nasty comment,stats prove it…
    Spend your energy on your loved ones…

    Chin up

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    Well first I send good thoughts for quick healing for Hannah and your father-in-law…As for the other, take a deep breath and carry on. You’re one of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with and know that your customer service is second to none. Perhaps your grumpy customers have had a rotten day as well…sending hugs.

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    Sending hugs, prayers and positive thoughts your way! I think it’s definitely in the air…but after these sad and trying times…will come greatness and blessings!

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    I just discovered your site a couple of days ago. I love your shop and blog…and I’m sorry your day was less that wonderful…sending you and your sweet doggie good wishes.

  16. ann in indy says

    So sorry for such an upsetting day! Look around and find joy….its there waiting for you! Tomorrow is a new day to start fresh and put the bad behind us!

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    ((hugs)) to you. We do have those kind of days don’t we. You are not alone. It happens to all of us. Curl up in bed with the fluffiest of blankets, a photo of hannah near you, and watch a favorite happy movie. Sip tea…the antioxidents will boast your immune system and know that there is new mercy in the morning.

  18. angie diehl says

    Hang in there. The old saying “this tooo shall pass…” is sooo true. You’ll see. You’ll have a brighter day shortly. xo

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    oh man, what a doozie.
    glad to hear your fil is doing better as is hannah.
    my brinkley ate a baggy of food & i have been stressed for days worrying that his little tummy is knotted up. he is wondering why i go behind him every day to check to see if it’s passed. us dog owners…the things we do!
    praying tomorrow is a better sunshiney happy day xo

  20. Glenda Goins says

    Though I don’t often comment, your blog brings me so much joy and inspiration, I’m sending some back your way, right now. Tomorrow will be brighter!

  21. Carol Castle says

    This I know from experience, these days give us contrast so that we can really feel how good it can be. And that other’s perceptions are often more about themselves than what they are perceiving. Just keep letting your own true light shine. God bless..

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    I love your blog and your shop! I’m so glad that your FIL is doing better and that Hannah is resting after the surgery.
    I knew that sooner or later I too would have to deal with an unhappy customer. But, when it happened, I was still devastated.
    Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a better day for you!

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    Oh, baby doll—we all love your blog so much! and your beautiful gear you sell, and all of the lovely, lovely work you do for so many people….the way your share your heart with the world in such an open and loving way….you are loved in the blogosphere!!! Tomorrow is a new day and it will all be okay.

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    Sara, I’m so sorry to hear about your doggie. I’m glad she’s doing well. The same goes for your FIL. On the other note… how could you have an unhappy customer? Obviously they don’t have blog ettiquette. Well… I actually was getting ready to borrow from peter (my account) to pay paul (you) for my upgrade. I hope that will help with your dog. God Bless us all, and the nasty’s too.

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    Oh Sara, I am so sorry you had such a yuckie day, I hope today is better and it is raining so you and Hannah can cuddle on the couch together! don’t let those e-mails get to you…I know it is hard, but let it go…I hope your FIL is on the mend and will be home soon…big hugs, Tara

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    Sometimes, I think, staying in bed all day is a good idea:) I’m so sorry it’s been a “horrible-terrible-no good-very bad” day for you…but I am relieved to hear your father-in-law & Hannah are both on the mend. Wishing you some sunshine today…xo to you:)

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    Sara… Life’s ups and downs make things gloomy and sad… but everything always works out… keep your chin up…have a good cry…a nice nap… and milk and cookies!

    As for unpleasant emails FORGET ABOUT THEM! Guess some folks just have nothing better to do than try to burst someone’s beautiful and quite sweet cloud!


  28. Leslie Schelly says

    Sorry you recieved nasty e-mails. I don’t know you, but from reading your blog I have never thought a nasty thing of you. I don’t know you and you have inspired me. Thanks for not being nasty….thanks for being nice.

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    I am sorry to read about your day. I hope it is better for you today. I’m all too familiar with sickness and hospitals, and anytime a loved one is spending any time at a hospital, it is stressful enough. Wishing your loved one a quick and speedy recovery.

    I’m thinking there is something in the air – I’ve had two things on Etsy this week, never had a problem before.

  30. samyflea says

    i’ve just discored you on etsy a couple of weeks, i’m from France, just wanted to send you all my thoughts for this bad day and hope tomorrow will be better !