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A few months ago I was interviewed for a studio tour featured on the lovely and inspiring blog, Oh Hello Friend. I had been gussying up my studio space for quite some time, and was honored to be asked by one of my own favorite bloggers for an interview. I managed to take a few new images and share some small tidbits about my space, just in time for the deadline. (I’m usually cutting it pretty close with deadlines these days).

Anyhow, it occurred to me that I never shared the images on my own blog. And so, well… you get the picture. Here’s my space (clutter free only for the twenty minutes or so it took me to take these pictures!).

I just adore old wooden boxes, and have been acquiring them whenever I can. They make the best storage and look so lovely hiding away the clutter. The desk and shelves are from Pottery Barn.

This is where you’ll find me most days. I might add that the chair, although pretty, is SO uncomfortable! It’s from Pier One, and day one of bringing it home, it started to sag in the middle. There is no support under the seat, so I had to add a cushion so I wouldn’t fall through! I would have returned it, but it was on sale, and well, it’s still pretty to look at.

A small sampling of my collections.

I bought these silhouettes from several different estates. None of them were framed so I started collecting old frames to display them in. Most of them didn’t have glass, so I had Michael’s cut me glass for each. The mattings are all just paper that I chose both for it’s muted tones and showing age.

I bought this old green toolbox at a flea market a few years ago. I think at least four different men commented while I carried it around, making jokes about how I was going to work as a carpenter. (I bet they each thought they were pretty funny.)

This Star Thread cabinet was a fairly recent purchase, so it’s a favorite. It holds a bunch of my smaller treasures. The phone is also from Pottery Barn.

Random “clutter” around my space. I made the pin board myself, and I’m so NOT crafty, so I like that it’s something I made.

I’ve been collecting cameras for quite some time now, but these three miniatures are my favorites.

Another view of my cluttered shelves with a mix of old wooden storage boxes.

I’m really into the whole “granny chic” thing right now, so these old floral prints were just the right fit for my office space. They are across from the entry, so I see them from the hallway before I enter. Flowers are so welcoming aren’t they? And of course the mirror reminds me to get out of my pajamas every now and then. :o)

Well there you have it. This is where I spend my days. I’m here now typing this, and I’m probably be here later, when you read this. :o)

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Oh! And I wanted to mention, the “Contact” page on my blog seems to not be notifying me when I get a message, and I just discovered I have missed several months of emails and comments (some of which I just received yesterday that were from June 2010!). I am so sorry if you took the time to email me and I didn’t respond. I will always respond to an email, so if you don’t hear back from me, please try again. I was crushed yesterday when I saw some amazing interview requests, guest blogger invitations, advertising inquiries, and even media inquiries that are beyond thrilling, all of which I missed out on.

I have now prominently displayed my email address for all to see, and I will just deal with all the SPAM that comes my way, so long as it means I don’t miss out of any of your emails again. :o) I’m also updating the blog just a bit, so hopefully things will be easier to decipher around here.

Thank you to all of you who continue to read my blog, and support my little journey, even through my extended absences and lack of responses. You are amazing, and I feel blessed!


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    very pretty! the pictures are beautiful, as always, and it is obvious how much you put into making your space your own. as i don’t always get through all the posts on other blogs, i appreciate you sharing it here!

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    what a beautiful studio space! so sad about the chair not being comfortable…i loved it the minute i saw it. the granny chic wall art is so pretty too, it inspired me to get a circle embroidery frame and put some fabric in it, to display on my walls. thanks for sharing!!

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    I adore you! :) This space is filled with so much inspiration that I want to gut my messiest of messy space and start over!! I shared this on facebook!!

    Smiles & hugs,

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    Oh, I would love to have a studio like yours!! I love it all!!! esp the small cameras and the craft board that you made!
    I could spend all day and night in there!!

    Have a blessed week

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    Ok when I met you I did not know you have all of this cool stuff!!! Also I wanted to say the blog you just design for Jeanne was amazing!!! So much inspiration I had to re read this a few times. Hope that you have a blessed week!!


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    I love how you love old boxes and that you can tie in feminine touches along side bruised and beaten old pieces! Inspires me to give my studio some more love and affection!

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    I love when you show photos of your home. Your office is truly one of the most gorgeous spaces and I love, love, love your taste my friend.

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    Absolutely stunning, amazing, dark and earthy but light and lovely.

    Of everything I love the Boston Terrier figurine in the last picture the most. I have two (real) BT’s and collect figurines when I find them, as they are insanely difficult to find. Just another reason to be jealous! :)

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    Your studio is so beautiful! I would stay late too, if I got to work at a place like this :). I think those silhouettes are my favorite. Thanks for posting!