The Creative Urge

I finally managed to snap a few photos the other day. I was feeling inspired by the amazing photographers I showed you earlier. It was mid-day, and I didn’t have a model, so I decided to snap a few self portraits.


I haven’t had my hair colored since November, so my natural (almost brown) color is starting to take over. I also haven’t worn any make-up in months (since I don’t leave my house all that often). So I through on some eye liner, mascara, and blush, straightened my hair a bit, and put on my favorite black peacoat. I bought this feathery clip at Micheal’s of all places (next to the feathery boa’s in the children’s section!). I thought it would make a great prop when I saw it.


Don’t ask me why, but I seem to like pictures of myself the best when I’m looking up at the camera??? I thought this one was kinda cool because of the framing and the way it’s set-up, although it makes my head look gigantic in proportion to my body! :)


This last one I put my hair up and threw on some detail around my neck for some added femininity. The necklace is one I sell in the shop. It’s gold and it brought out those colors in my eyes, but when I started editing I liked it better in black in white. It’s weird how the freckles on my lips show so much in these pictures, I don’t even notice them when I look in the mirror?

I am excited to be shooting again! I have a few shoots coming up that I’m excited about, so I won’t have to show you pictures of me when I feel the creative urge! Including a maternity shoot of my sister, Lindsey!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!


  1. jamie says

    Beautiful! I agree the looking up for you is really pretty.When I shoot myself, I really prefer the side shot rather than the straight on. Can’t believe you found that beautiful hair adornment at Micheals..

  2. says

    It’s reciprocal-the camera prefers you looking into the lens as well because of those gorgeous eyes! Love the processing you used here. I need to catch up with your Flickr group!

  3. says

    You’re such a beauty. And I totally know what you mean. My fave shots of myself are always from above, looking up. Helps with the double chin. LOL Beautiful eyes you have!