season’s greetings

Is it too early to say "Season’s Greetings"? Not in my world. :) I am decorated for Halloween and loving my new decor. I even gave the store a mini face lift to get other’s in the mood for Halloween! I grouped some of my very favorites on the piano in my front room, and I just love how it came out. The black and white witch hats I found last year and the green and orange pumpkins with the polka dot hats are by far the best pieces I own. If I had more money to spend right now I would be buying Bayberry Cove out of stock. I also have one or two Nicol Sayre pieces that I adore.


I have a ton of the glittery black words that I bought on sale last year. I have been trying to find ways to creatively display them, since I have many more hanging pieces that I seem to have places to hang things. Remember that purse top I bought at a flea market a few months back? I hung a few crystals from it and it hangs in my kitchen. I added the word "spooky" to it to dress it for the occasion. I’m not sure I am finished with it, but it suits me just fine for now.


Josh and I are probably in our kitchen more than anything, and it is the center of our house, so many of my decorations are hung there. My pot rack looks festive with a pretty Halloween banner…


My fireplace mantel and hearth is adorned with pumpkins… (I sure wish it was cool enough to use the fireplace!)


The front hutch gets a little holiday jewelery…..


I can’t wait to see all of the inspiring Halloween goodies you girls create this year. I may have to splurge on a few of them.




  1. says

    Hi Sara,
    I love your decorations. I am getting mine out tomorrow. I don’t care that is 98 here.
    I bought a really cute decoration today in Ventura. I will share it on my blog later today.
    I also love bayberry cove. I have bought a few pieces there as well.
    Enjoy your decorations,

  2. Morgan says

    Are you going to come over and decorate my house too? We barely had enough to decorate the little condo and now we DEFINITELY don’t have enough for our new place :( Looks like I’m going to need to spend some more money also… lol

  3. says

    well, i don’t really get into the mood until the end of september…but i’m still LOVING your decorations. i’m going to soak up every last tiny bit of summer…but fall really is my favorite season.
    wonderful pics…thanks for sharing!!
    you were married on my birthday. =)

  4. says

    Oh Sara!! We must be kindred spirits. On Saturday I dragged out all my autumn and Halloween decorations. I had everything up that day and I’m excited to get more. I’m going on a big antiquing excursion on 9/7 and I’m sure I’ll find a lot more. I REALLY love all of your Halloween goodies and how you have displayed them. The pumpkins, hats, and banners are soooo cute. Thank you for the links you provided. I’m going out to look right now.

  5. says

    I was just having a conversation about favorite seasons during dinner tonight and Fall was the winner!! I might need to take down my decorations a little bit early this year, because all of this Halloween talk is getting me into decorating-mode!!

  6. says

    I’m loving your Halloween displays and decorations!! The black and white witches hat in the first picture pop with the black hands of the clock behind. Your copper pots fit right in with the halloween stuff! Fun, fun, fun…

  7. Lucinda says

    I love Halloween decor! My oldest daughter was born on Halloween so I really enjoy putting out my goodies. I will probably wait a few weeks but I’m thrilled to see yours.

  8. says

    What an inspiration you are Sara! I love all that you have done. You have such great taste. I’m trying to wait a bit longer to decorate just because I want it to truly feel like fall when I do. You are sure making that task VERY difficult!

  9. says

    I’m still holding on to summer. My flowers are looking the best they have all summer. Your house is beautiful and I love your website.

    Leigh Ann

  10. says

    Sophie, everything is so’s hard to decide which I like best! I like those banners…maybe I should try to make one.

    I’m very ready for this season of the year.

    Seasons Greetings to you!

  11. says

    I LOVE the new look of your BLOG!! Your halloween decorations are just what I need to get me going with mine!! Great job~love reading your blog posts~:)

  12. says

    Halloween is my favourite holiday, so I am THRILLED to see your kitchen all gussied up :)

    Everything’s lovely, thanks for sharing.

  13. says

    Hi Sara, I Love all your Goodies, your Decorations got me motivated to get mine going. Ive started and will do a little all week. I sent you a quick email yesterday with a Question about your Photo Program you use. If you have a free minute this week if you could email me I would Appreciate it. Everything looks Wonderful, I wish I could Afford Everything in your Store. Truely Lovely. Thank you, Jamie

  14. says

    Oh, I love all your halloween decor!! I, too, love the glittery, black stuff and I can never get enough white pumpkins!! I will wait a bit longer to get my things out, but I am getting my fix looking at all the great decorations in Blogland!!


  15. says

    LOVE this blog! Your graphics are spectacular…and yes, I’m getting excited about H-ween, too. Your decorations are wonderful. We’re still having summery weather here, but I know fall is just around the corner, and before you know it, we’ll be picking our pumpkins!
    Glad to have found you.